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About Michael McLachlan

Mike McLachlan is a Realtor® / Broker with the fastest growing global real estate company - eXp Realty. He has extensive experience on the sales and finance sides of the real estate transaction in both residential and commercial properties. His former experience in mortgage origination and commercial lending gives him a unique perspective as a commercial and residential Realtor®.

Mike’s extensive experience in the real estate market of western Connecticut has served his clients well. His many long-term clients regularly send their family members to him for their first real estate transaction.

A Danbury native, Mike has a long history of community service and involvement. The Danbury Jaycees honored him with the Distinguished Service Award and Kiwanis International presented him the Distinguished President Award following his term as leader of the Kiwanis Club of Danbury.

Following a lifetime as a volunteer for the Danbury Republican Party, Mike served ten years as State Senator representing Danbury, New Fairfield, Sherman and Bethel. The Connecticut Senate is a part-time "citizen legislature" that kept Mike very busy tending to his constituents and running his real estate business.

He and his wife Alesia live in Danbury.

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